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February 12th 2018

CLAYSTONE PRESS RELEASE – New Report Raises Concerns that Faith Schools are Being Deliberately Targeted by Ofsted

Claystone, an independent think-tank, will release a report on Tuesday 13th February 2018 entitled ‘Losing Faith in Ofsted: Importing Narrow Secular Values
Into Faith Schools’

Over the last few years there has been a concerted effort by Ofsted, the schools’ regulator, to ensure that ‘British Values’ are actively promoted in schools. Through the use of no-notice inspections, a very narrow set of poorly understood values, are being imposed on schools across the country.  Where schools are deemed to not be implementing these values, they can be closed down.

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October 15th 2015

CLAYSTONE PRESS RELEASE – Claystone Responds to Government’s New Counter-Extremism Strategy

Claystone, an independent think-tank, today responded with concern to the government’s latest attempts at tackling the problem of radicalisation within British Muslim communities.

The last decade has seen the introduction, and the development, of the government’s Prevent agenda, which is a part of the wider counter-terrorism strategy. This aspect of the strategy seeks to prevent individuals becoming terrorists before any intent to commit acts of crime. The persistence of Prevent comes despite any credible evidence offered to substantiate its effectiveness. At its centre rests the premise that there is a distinct and defined link between religious ideology and illegal acts of terror – a position overwhelmingly discredited by independent academics (see Claystone report).

Today’s latest Counter-Extremism Strategy continues to build on that discredited premise

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September 22nd 2015

CLAYSTONE PRESS RELEASE – New Report Exposes Hidden counter-radicalisation project in London Borough of Waltham Forest

Claystone, an independent think-tank, today released a report entitled ‘Building Distrust: Religious Profiling in Primary Schools’ analysing the implementation of the Government’s PREVENT agenda in Primary Schools.

The report found:

• The London Borough of Waltham Forest has implemented the Building Resilience through Integration and Trust project in primary schools with the stated aim of increasing social cohesion. The report demonstrates that this is in fact a covert counter-radicalisation project targeted at primary school children as young as nine.

• At Greenleaf Primary School in Waltham Forest, seven children aged between nine and ten were identified by the BRIT project as vulnerable to radicalisation and selected for ‘targeted intervention.’ Their parents were not informed of this.

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July 20th 2015

CLAYSTONE PRESS RELEASE – Claystone Responds to Government’s Latest Extremism Strategy

The threat of terrorism continues to blight our communities despite over a decade worth of counter-terror legislation. A new approach to tackling terror is needed desperately given the failure of past initiatives. However, there exists in this speech no real change from the existing and demonstrably flawed analysis of the causes of terrorism. Our concern therefore is that we will be no closer to the outcome we all desire, of making our country safer.

A report on radicalisation and extremism, commissioned by Claystone, authored by Professor Arun Kundnani, has highlighted the on-going difficulty in challenging terrorism through the sole prism of religious ideology….[read more]

June 29th 2015

CLAYSTONE PRESS RELEASE – Claystone Responds to David Cameron’s Call for Fightback Against Intolerance

The killing of more than 30 Britons in Tunisia is a chilling reminder of the threat posed by terrorists, both here in the United Kingdom and abroad. Our response must be thoughtful but forthright. The scourge of terrorism has continued to blight our communities for over a decade despite an extensive introduction of a raft of counter-terrorism measures. We must pause and reflect.

A report on radicalisation and extremism, commissioned by Claystone, authored by Professor Arun Kundnani, has highlighted the on-going difficulty in challenging terrorism through the sole prism of religious ideology. Recognising that the route to terrorism is complex and multi-factorial affords us a more comprehensive approach to tackling the problem by seeking to address those factors. This, we believe, allows us to better protect our country from this terrible crime and in doing so reduce the risk we all face from terrorist attacks…[read more]

 January 6th 2015

CLAYSTONE PRESS RELEASE – New Report Highlights Flaws in the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy

Claystone, a London based think tank, will today be releasing its report ‘A Decade Lost: Rethinking Radicalisation & Extremism’, an in-depth study of the origins and fallout of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Speaking earlier about the report, British author and counter terrorism expert professor Arun Kundnani said: “Over the last decade, there has been a concerted effort by certain government ministers, advisors, right-wing think tanks and large sections of the media to push the ‘conveyor belt’ theory, a flawed counter-terrorism narrative seeking to conflate issues of social conservatism with acts of violence and terrorism…[read more]

Watch the launch event for the report held in the House of Commons

November 2014

CLAYSTONE PRESS RELEASE : Report Highlights Bias in the Charity Commission

Claystone, a London based think-tank, will today be releasing its report ‘Muslim Charities: A Suspect Sector’, an in-depth study of the workings of the Charity Commission in relation to Muslim charities….[read more]


GUARDIAN – Quarter of Charity Commission inquiries target Muslim groups

In the past Shawcross has been a critic of Islam. In 2012, as a director at the conservative Henry Jackson Society, he claimed: “Europe and Islam is one of the greatest, most terrifying problems of our future. I think all European countries have vastly, very quickly growing Islamic populations.” [read more]


THE INDEPENDENT – Charities investigated for radicalisation and extremist links

The Charity Commission has put 55 unnamed charities on a watch-list over fears of links to “radicalisation and extremism,” without the groups’ knowledge, while five British charities operating in Syria have been placed under the commission’s most serious form of inquiry.

The 55 charities were labelled with the “radicalisation and extremism” issue code between December 2012 and May 2014 without their knowledge according to think tank Claystone…[Read more]


THE TIMES – Charities suspected of Muslim extremist links

Dozens of British Muslim charities are being secretly monitored because of concerns that they may be involved in radicalisation and extremism.  The Charity Commission has put 55 unnamed groups on a watchlist without their knowledge in the past two years…[Read more]


MAIL ONLINE – More than 50 British Muslim charities on watch list over fears they could be linked to extremism and radicalisation

  • Charity Commission marks 55 British charities with new issue code ‘extremism and radicalisation’ without organisations’ knowledge
  • 17 ongoing investigations launched since 2013 concern Muslim charities
  • Figures revealed in FOI request by independent think tank Claystone
  • Think tank warns Muslim charities are being ‘disproportionately affected’

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THIRD SECTOR – Charity Commission anti-extremism processes are unsound, think tank says

A report by the anti-Islamophobia organisation Claystone says the regulator’s claims of a growing problem with Muslim charities are not backed by evidence.  The Charity Commission’s processes for dealing with issues of extremism are “unsound and open to misuse”, a new report by an anti-Islamophobia think tank says…[Read more]


CIVIL SOCIETY – Commission unfairly targets Muslim charities, says think tank

A new report by a think tank set up to “foster social cohesion in relation to Muslims in Britain” accuses the Charity Commission of being biased against Muslim charities despite having no evidence that they are inhabited by extremists… [Read more]


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